Nostalgic in summer

When the first drop of mango showers kisses the sun-scorched sand of Kerala, a smell arises, termed petrichor, which lingers with you long after the rains leave in September. They say smell is associated with memories. In my case, this musky aroma brings with it recollections of summer vacations during my school days. This was... Continue Reading →


Best Proposal in Indian Celluloid

The best proposal in Indian cinema comes, not surprisingly, from a movie that I regard as the most romantic work of all time-- Namuku Parkaan munthiri thoppukal (Vineyards for us to dwell)- malayalam movie written and directed by P.Padmarajan in 1986. A blog wont do justice to analyze this enigmatic classic; so I am... Continue Reading →

Godless for a week

This write up should not be construed as against religion nor is this against any divine personality or sentiments. Neither is this to be misinterpreted as promoting atheism. All I intend to do is to give a personal account of a week in my life during which I chose to live ignoring the effects of... Continue Reading →

For more war movies

Seeing the 1997 Bollywood blockbuster movie Border every time gives me goose bumps, especially the scene in which Sunny Deol emerges out of the trench, bazooka in hand, single handedly laying waste some 10-20 Pakistani battle tanks (Of course, with some air support). There is something in war movies genre which sets it apart when... Continue Reading →

Micro Fiction: The break up

A golden hue spread around the beach as the sea became tangent to the sun. I don't recollect waiting for an auto-rickshaw as impatiently as I am doing now but then again, a lot of things have happened in the last year or so which haven't happened before. A lump formed in my throat as... Continue Reading →

Birthday post

Lot of things are happening around me as I complete 30 years on earth. Liberals have been kicked out of reckoning in the world’s largest democracy in 2014 and in the world’s most powerful democracy just a few days back. The political axis of the world has shifted ‘right’ by some degree. One can’t complain... Continue Reading →

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